House Washing

Tiger Pressure Wash specializes in a method known in the industry as “soft washing”.

This is a low pressure, safe, non-toxic method, used on all surfaces of a homes exterior, to not only increase the kill ratio of mold, mildew, algae and other intrusive and unsightly parasites/bacteria, but also allows us to use very low pressure on your homes exterior, preventing damage as well as preserving the integrity and beauty of your home or office. Louisiana, including Baton Rouge, as beautiful as they are, are well known for having high levels of humidity.

Unfortunately, this is the perfect atmosphere for mildew, mold, and algae to thrive. Fortunately though, we are equipped with the correct knowledge and equipment to properly and effectively combat these issues. High pressure washing can peel paint, gouge wood, damage stucco, tear vinyl, and damage brick mortar.

House Washing Services in Baton Rouge, LA

Have you ever seen a home with “zorro marks” on the stucco or siding? There’s a good chance someone cleaned it using high pressure! High pressure cleaning can also force water behind vinyl and other surfaces, trapping it behind your walls and creating a moisture problem. This can cause mold and mildew to grow within your walls, causing you and your family to become ill! The cost to repair this kind of issue is very expensive and can cause you and your loved ones to be forced to vacate your home for weeks while the repairs are made. Don’t put yourself at risk by hiring an inexperienced, untrained, unlicensed company for your power washing needs. Hire someone with safety and knowledge as their main priority.

We have cleaned multiple surfaces including wood, hardiplank, vinyl, stucco, aluminum, brick, cement, asbestos siding, composite siding, etc.

We have built up a portfolio of regular commercial as well as residential customers due to our hard work and honesty.

Check out our gallery or facebook page for pictures of some of the work we have completed. We have the knowledge, equipment, and manpower to wash any sized job.

Our portfolio includes customers ranging from apartment complexes, multi-story hotels, large parking lots, restaurants, homeowners both large and small, as well as retail chains and strip malls.

Our Service Benefits

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